Matilda Papathanasiou

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The aim of this study was to evaluate the intra- and inter-examiner reliability and validity of neck range of motion (ROM) measurements. Thirty-five healthy subjects were assessed in all neck movements from two initial positions, sitting and standing, actively (open and closed eyes) and passively by using a 3D ultrasound-based motion analysis device(More)
BACKGROUND Volumetric studies examining brain structure in depression subtypes are limited and inconclusive. The aim of the current study was to compare the volumes of brain regions previously implicated in depression among patients with melancholic major depressive disorder (MDD), patients with psychotic MDD and normal controls. METHODS Twenty two(More)
The aim of our study was to analyze prognostic factors, effect of treatment and survival outcome of a contemporary cohort of melanoma patients with cerebral metastases and eventually propose new recommendations regarding therapy. Sixty four patients with melanoma brain metastases were treated in our department within a 15-year period. We performed a(More)
BACKGROUND Malformations of the cerebral cortex are often associated with developmental delay and psychoses. Porencephaly is a rare congenital disorder of central nervous system involving a cyst or a cavity filled with cerebrospinal fluid, in brain's parenchyma. CASE PRESENTATION We present a 25 years old woman with her first psychotic episode. She also(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS To describe imaging features of cirrhosis-related intrathoracic disease. METHODOLOGY Chest CTs of 1038 cirrhotic patients (mean age 53 yrs; range, 17-79) were evaluated for: bronchoarterial ratio (BAR), arteriovenous malformations, interstitial opacities, emphysema, and pleural effusions. Lymphangiography, pulmonary angiography, cardiac(More)
In this prospective study we examined whether dilated common iliac arteries (CIAs) can provide a safe distal seal in endovascular aneurysm repair (EVAR) with the use of bifurcated stent grafts with large diameter limbs. Sixteen patients with 26 dilated CIAs with a diameter of ≥6 mm who were offered EVAR using stent grafts with large diameter limbs were(More)
Multifocal angiopathy associated with cannabis consumption is an uncommon cause of ischemic stroke in young individuals. The main radiological characteristics include the presence of multifocal intracranial stenosis and the reversibility of vasoconstriction after cannabis withdrawal. Cannabis use has been linked recently to other arterial complications,(More)
BACKGROUND Schizophrenia is associated with structural and functional abnormalities of the hippocampus, which have been suggested to play an important role in the formation and emergence of schizophrenia syndrome. Patients with schizophrenia exhibit significant bilateral hippocampal volume reduction and progressive hippocampal volume decrease in(More)