Matilda Males

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Officals, media coverage and prevention programs have assumed that fathers of infants born to US school-age (10-18 years old) mothers are school-age peers. This study analyzes fathers' ages in 46 500 California births to school-age mothers in 1993, for which 85% of the fathers' ages were stated and whose distribution is similar to that of less complete(More)
The Paf complex of Opisthokonts and plants contains at least five subunits: Paf1, Cdc73, Rtf1, Ctr9, and Leo1. Mutations in, or loss of Paf complex subunits have been shown to cause defects in histone modification, mRNA polyadenylation, and transcription by RNA polymerase I and RNA polymerase II. We here investigated trypanosome CTR9, which is essential for(More)
Human susceptibility to obesity is mainly genetic, yet the underlying evolutionary drivers causing variation from person to person are not clear. One theory rationalizes that populations that have adapted to warmer climates have reduced their metabolic rates, thereby increasing their propensity to store energy. We uncover here the function of a gene that(More)
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