Matilda Chelimo Saina

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OBJECTIVES Disease progression varies among HIV-1-infected individuals. The present study aimed to explore possible viral and host factors affecting disease progression in HIV-1-infected children. METHODS Since 2000, 102 HIV-1 vertically-infected children have been followed-up in Kenya. Here we studied 29 children (15 male/14 female) who started(More)
UNLABELLED A cross-sectional molecular epidemiological study of Entamoeba species was conducted among asymptomatic Kenyan children with (n = 123) and without (n = 111) HIV infection. The prevalence of E. histolytica was low (0.4%). Entamoeba species infection was inversely related with HIV infection [HIV(+): 29.3% vs. HIV(-) 55.0%, P < 0.001]:(More)
We previously reported mother-to-child transmission of HIV-1 in nine (6.7%) of 135 children on nevirapine prophylaxis in Vietnam. In the current study, we investigated the appearance and profile of antiretroviral drug (ARV) resistance mutations, the predicted coreceptor usage, and the genetic diversity of HIV-1 strains isolated from the eight pairs of(More)
We previously reported a significant decrease in HIV-1 prevalence, with no increase in drug-resistant HIV-1 among injecting drug users (IDU), female sex workers (FSW), and blood donors (BD), in Haiphong, Vietnam, from 2007 to 2009. In 2012, 388 IDU, 51 FSW, and 200 BD were recruited for further analysis. None had a history of antiretroviral treatment. From(More)
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