Matija Piskorec

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Bacteria and Archaea display a variety of phenotypic traits and can adapt to diverse ecological niches. However, systematic annotation of prokaryotic phenotypes is lacking. We have therefore developed ProTraits, a resource containing ∼545 000 novel phenotype inferences, spanning 424 traits assigned to 3046 bacterial and archaeal species. These annotations(More)
Motivated by recent financial crises, significant research efforts have been put into studying contagion effects and herding behaviour in financial markets. Much less has been said regarding the influence of financial news on financial markets. We propose a novel measure of collective behaviour based on financial news on the Web, the News Cohesiveness Index(More)
In this paper we describe the system for real-time machine vision recognition of chess table and figures. Input data are two synchronized video sequences from a top-view and side-view camera showing the game of chess between two players. The top-view is used mainly for determining the positions of the figures on the table while side-view enables correct(More)
Parallel Protein Docking Tool (PPDT) system is performing a shape based process of protein docking using spherical harmonics. The software is made from scratch in C++. Input data are two PDB (Protein Data Bank) files and desired docking parameters. The PDB files hold information about protein's atom coordinates in three dimensional space. Protein structures(More)
Opinion polls mediated through a social network can give us, in addition to usual demographics data like age, gender and geographic location, a friendship structure between voters and the temporal dynamics of their activity during the voting process. Using a Facebook application we collected friendship relationships, demographics and votes of over ten(More)
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