Matija König

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The simian virus 40 (SV40) large T antigen is a multifunctional protein involved in SV40 cell transformation and lytic virus infection. Some of its activities are regulated by interaction with cellular proteins and/or by phosphorylation of T antigen by various protein kinases. In this study, we show that immuno-purified T antigen from SV40-transformed cells(More)
Quiescent non-permissive cells re-enter the cell cycle upon infection with the DNA tumor virus SV40. Before the expression of virus specific proteins and other cellular reactions there is an induced expression of the growth suppressor protein p53. p53 is known to be a substrate for protein kinase CK2 and in addition it is tightly associated with CK2 and(More)
The authors discuss a computer program for calculating reactive power load and reserve for the Con Edison system in a real-time environment, which has been made available to operators at the Con Edison Energy Control Center in New York City. It is the first phase of a comprehensive plan to manage and dispatch reactive power. The calculations are performed(More)
Achieving sustainability has become an important goal in the construction, refurbishment, operation and management of buildings. To this end, we need to achieve greater information exchange, especially, about practices and solutions for Energy Efficiency (EE) and the use of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) in buildings. However, in the building life-cycle,(More)
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