Matija Jezersek

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This article presents a new system for 3D foot-shape measurements during walking. It is based on the laser-triangulation, multiple-line-illumination and color-modulation techniques. It consists of a walking stage and four measuring modules that simultaneously acquire the foot shape from the top, bottom and side views. The measuring speed is 30 fps.(More)
BACKGROUND The main objective of the present method was to automatically obtain a spatial curve of the thoracic and lumbar spine based on a 3D shape measurement of a human torso with developed scoliosis. Manual determination of the spine curve, which was based on palpation of the thoracic and lumbar spinous processes, was found to be an appropriate way to(More)
BACKGROUND Knowing the orientation of the head is important in many fields, including medicine. Many methods and measuring systems exist, but usually they use different markers or sensors attached to the subject's head for head orientation determination. In certain applications these attachments may represent a burden or a distraction to the subject under(More)
BACKGROUND Wound measuring serves medical personnel as a tool to assess the effectiveness of a therapy and predict its outcome. Clinically used methods vary from measuring using rules and calipers to sophisticated methods, based on 3D measuring. Our method combines the added value of 3D measuring and well-known segmentation algorithms to enable volume(More)
Real-time 3D visualization of the breathing displacements can be a useful diagnostic tool in order to immediately observe the most active regions on the thoraco-abdominal surface. The developed method is capable of separating non-relevant torso movement and deformations from the deformations that are solely related to breathing. This makes it possible to(More)
When an erbium-laser pulse is directed into water through a small-diameter fiber tip (FT), the absorption of the laser energy superheats the water and its boiling induces a vapor bubble. We present the influence of different FT geometries and pulse parameters on the vapor-bubble dynamics. In our investigation, we use a free-running erbium: yttrium aluminum(More)
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