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Biology is in the middle of a data explosion. The technical advances achieved by the genomics, metabolomics, transcriptomics and proteomics technologies in recent years have significantly increased the amount of data that are available for biologists to analyze different aspects of an organism. However, *omics data sets have several additional problems:(More)
Searching metabolic pathways that relate two compounds is a common task in bioinformatics. This is of particular interest when trying, for example, to discover metabolic relations among compounds clustered with a data mining technique. Search strategies find sequences to relate two or more states (compounds) using an appropriate set of transitions(More)
The evolutionary metabolic synthesizer (EvoMS) is an evolutionary tool capable of finding novel metabolic pathways linking several compounds through feasible reactions. It allows system biologists to explore different alternatives for relating specific metabolites, offering the possibility of indicating the initial compound or allowing the algorithm to(More)
Metabolic pathway building is an active field of research, necessary to understand and manipulate the metabolism of organisms. There are different approaches, mainly based on classical search methods, to find linear sequences of reactions linking two compounds. However, an important limitation of these methods is the exponential increase of search trees(More)
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