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Current paper presents a special case of BDDs called Structurally Synthesized BDDs. Different from BDDs, which are generated by Shannon’s expansion, SSBDDs are generated by a superposition procedure. The paper investigates the mathematical properties of such kind of BDDs, in order to separate the properties of the underlying ”skeleton” graphs from the(More)
In this paper we present two methods for synthesis of High-Level Decision Diagrams (HLDD) for representing digital systems at higher behavior, functional or register-transfer levels. The first method is based on symbolic execution of procedural descriptions, which corresponds to functional representation of systems on the behavioral level. The second one is(More)
The evolution of X-ray phosphors, screens, and films from the 1940s to present day and the contribution of the Laboratory of X-Ray Receivers, Russian Scientific Center for Roentgenoradiology, to this process are considered. It is shown that this evolution was mainly due to the attempts to obtain maximal diagnostic information with minimal dose load on(More)