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White light was generated from a single silica thin film made with Yb0.75La0.2Eu0.05F3, La0.45Yb0.5Er0.05F3, and La0.75Yb0.2Tm0.05F3 nanoparticles by exciting with a single source near-infrared light (980 nm CW diode laser). Eu3+ and Tm3+ ions are responsible for red and blue emission, respectively. Er3+ ion is responsible for green as well as red emission.(More)
Colloidal, organic solvent-soluble Ln3+-doped LaVO4 nanoparticles have been synthesized by a precipitation reaction in the presence of (C18H37O)2PS2- as ligand, that coordinates to the surface of the nanoparticles. The materials are well soluble in chlorinated solvent such as chloroform. Energy transfer of excited vanadate groups has been observed for Ln3+(More)
The microbial communities present in two underground coal mines in the Bowen Basin, Queensland, Australia, were investigated to deduce the effect of pumping and mining on subsurface methanogens and methanotrophs. The micro-organisms in pumped water from the actively mined areas, as well as, pre- and post-mining formation waters were analyzed using 16S rRNA(More)
Yttriaite-(Y), ideally Y2O3, is a new mineral (IMA2010-039) from the alluvial deposits of the Bol’shaya Pol’ya River, Subpolar Urals, Russia. The new mineral occurs as isolated crystals, typically cubo-octahedra <6 μm in size, embedded in massive native tungsten. Associated minerals include: copper, zircon, osmium, gold, and pyrite. The main forms observed(More)
Bright blue-light emission at 410 nm is observed from Mg(2+)-doped GaN nanoparticles prepared by the nitridation of Ga(2)MgO(4) nanoparticles at 950 degrees C. The sintering of these nanoparticles during high-temperature nitridation was prevented by mixing the Ga(2)MgO(4) precursor nanoparticles with La(2)O(3) as an inert matrix before the nitridation(More)
To assess quantitatively the effect of peroxide addition to standard static tests of the neutralization potential (NP) of mine wastes, 10 specimens of carbonate minerals, including five of siderite (FeCO3) and two of rhodochrosite (MnCO3), were analyzed by electron microprobe. The compositions of the siderite span a range from 60 to 86 mol % Fe. Tests of NP(More)
The crystal structure of kutinaite was determined from powder data on a synthetic sample obtained from pure elements at 623 K. The data were collected on a Guinier diffractometer and reflection intensitites extracted by profile-fitting assuming a cubic P lattice. The structure was solved by direct methods and then refined by Rietveld method to Rp = 13.4%(More)
In(2)O(3) sol-gel thin films made with LaF(3):Ln(3+) (Ln=Er, Nd, and Eu) nanoparticles were prepared and showed sensitized emission of the lanthanide ions after In(2)O(3) matrix excitation. The excitation spectra showed an In(2)O(3) absorption band in addition to the excitation peaks of the lanthanide ions, clearly demonstrating that there is energy(More)
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