Mathukumalli Srinivasa Rao

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Crystallization of the 1:1 molecular complex between the beta-lactamase TEM-1 and the beta-lactamase inhibitory protein BLIP has provided an opportunity to put a stringent test on current protein-docking algorithms. Prior to the successful determination of the structure of the complex, nine laboratory groups were given the refined atomic coordinates of each(More)
The molecular details that govern the specific interactions between acyl carrier protein (ACP) and the enzymes of fatty acid biosynthesis are unknown. We investigated the mechanism of ACP-protein interactions using a computational analysis to dock the NMR structure of ACP with the crystal structure of beta-ketoacyl-ACP synthase III (FabH) and experimentally(More)
In order to understand the structural basis of Factor Xa (FXa) specificity, structural complexes of FXa with its synthetic inhibitors are determined using a computational docking approach. The AutoDock suite of programs is used to determine the binding modes of the synthetic inhibitors such as 3- and 4-amidinobenzylphenyl ether (ABP), amidinophenyl pyruvic(More)
Chymotrypsin family serine proteases play essential roles in key biological and pathological processes and are frequently targets of drug discovery efforts. This large enzyme family is also among the most advanced model systems for detailed studies of enzyme mechanism and structure/function relationships. Productive interactions between these enzymes and(More)
Mitochondrial genome can provide information for genomic structure as well as for phylogenetic analysis and evolutionary biology. The complete 15,935 bp mitochondrial genome of Bactrocera zonata (Diptera: Tephritidae), is assembled from Illumina MiSeq read data. The mitogenome information for B. zonata was compared to the homologous sequences of other(More)
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