Mathivanan Chinnaraj

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The Holliday junction (HJ) is a central intermediate of various genetic processes, including homologous and site-specific DNA recombination and DNA replication. Elucidating the structure and dynamics of HJs provides the basis for understanding the molecular mechanisms of these genetic processes. Our previous single-molecule fluorescence studies led to a(More)
The transport of oxygen and other nonelectrolytes across lipid membranes is known to depend on both diffusion and solubility in the bilayer, and to be affected by changes in the physical state and by the lipid composition, especially the content of cholesterol and unsaturated fatty acids. However, it is not known how these factors affect diffusion and(More)
The Ca(2+)-induced interaction between cardiac troponin I (cTnI) and actin plays a key role in the regulation of cardiac muscle contraction and relaxation. In this report we have investigated changes of this interaction in response to strong cross-bridge formation between myosin S1 and actin and PKA phosphorylation of cTnI within reconstituted thin(More)
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