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In vitro effects of two silicate-based materials, Biodentine and BioRoot RCS, on dental pulp stem cells in models of reactionary and reparative dentinogenesis
The observed strong mineralization induction through direct contact highlights the potential of these biomaterials for clinical application in dentin-pulp complex regeneration, and seems to be bioactive and biocompatible. Expand
Effects of High-Temperature-Pressure Polymerized Resin-Infiltrated Ceramic Networks on Oral Stem Cells
Three new tested biomaterials did not exhibit adverse effects on oral stem cells in the authors' experimental conditions and may be an interesting alternative to ceramics or composite based CAD—CAM blocks. Expand
Fabrication of Fe-wings used for micro imprinting with a natural butterfly wing structure by in situ carbothermic reduction.
In this method, as the samples are not detached from the PDMS elastomer by mechanical means, the microstructure of PDMS is not destroyed, and levels of anti-counterfeiting can be improved distinctly by adjusting the imprinting parameters. Expand