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With the new generation of full low floor passenger trains, the constraints of weight and size on the traction transformer are becoming stronger. The ultimate target weight for the transformer is 1 kg/kVA. The reliability and the efficiency are also becoming more important. To address these issues, a multilevel topology using medium frequency transformers(More)
In the domain of electric traction, the demand for medium voltage supply systems of high power, compact size and reduced weight is growing. Thanks to the new semiconductors (HV-IGBT, IGCT) with high voltage capability, the multilevel topologies with medium frequency transformer become very attractive. Several solutions based on this principle were proposed(More)
Learning the parameters of the edit distance has been increasingly studied during the past few years to improve the assessment of similarities between structured data, such as strings, trees or graphs. Often based on the optimization of the likelihood of pairs of data, the learned models usually take the form of probabilistic state machines, such as(More)
For multi-system locomotives that have to be able to work under different supply conditions (e.g. a locomotive able to work under both the 3 kV DC supply in Italy and the 15 kV 16.7 Hz AC supply in Switzerland) both an AC transformer/filter and a DC filter inductance are normally required. This paper describes the use of the secondary winding of the(More)
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