Mathilde Janier

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The efficacy of increasing glycolysis during ischemia for enhancing the salutary effects of reperfusion was evaluated in isolated perfused rabbit hearts subjected to low-flow ischemia followed by reperfusion. Control hearts were perfused with buffer containing 0.4 mM palmitate, 5 mM glucose, and 70 mU/l insulin. Additional groups of hearts were perfused(More)
Preconditioning decreases ischemic injury, preserves tissue ATP content, and enhances the salutary effects of reperfusion. To evaluate whether preserved ATP is related to reduced utilization or increased production, 28 paced isolated rabbit hearts, perfused at constant flow, were subjected to 3 min of transient no-flow ischemia followed 12 min later by 1 h(More)
To evaluate the role of adenosine receptors in the mediation of adenosine-induced protection of the heart during ischemia and reperfusion, isolated rabbit hearts were perfused at constant flow with 1 microM adenosine started before low-flow ischemia followed by reperfusion. Adenosine delayed the time of onset of ischemic contracture [to 28 +/- 19 (SD) min(More)
The mechanical effects of ischemic contracture may be important in the development of irreversible cellular damage as it increases mechanical stress on sarcolemmal membranes and restricts endocardial perfusion. To assess the relative importance of these mechanical effects compared with decreased energy supply in the development of irreversible injury, the(More)
With the advent of ultra-fast MRI, it is now possible to assess non-invasively regional myocardial perfusion with multislice coverage and sub-second temporal resolution. First-pass contrast enhanced studies are acquired with ECG-triggering and breath holding. Nevertheless, some respiratory induced movements still remain. Myocardial perfusion can be assessed(More)
In this paper, we briefly present the objectives of Inference Anchoring Theory (IAT) and the formal structure which is proposed for dialogues. Then, we introduce our development corpus, and a computational model designed for the identification of discourse minimal units in the context of argumentation and the illocutionary force associated with each unit.(More)
This paper presents an efficient and accurate approach to myocardium extraction in Positron Emission Tomography (PET) images based on a careful application of soft computing techniques. PET images present a noisy background, making the automatic myocardium extraction and uptake quantification a difficult task. In this work a Self Organized Radial Basis(More)
Argument mining has started to yield early results in automatic analysis of text to produce representations of reason-conclusion structures. This paper addresses for the first time the question of automatically extracting such structures from dialogical settings of argument. More specifically, we introduce theoretical foundations for dialogical argument(More)