Mathilde Guardiola

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We propose in this paper a broad-coverage approach for multimodal annotation of conversational data. Large annotation projects addressing the question of multimo-dal annotation bring together many different kinds of information from different domains, with different levels of granula-rity. We present in this paper the first results of the OTIM project(More)
Large annotation projects, typically those addressing the question of multimodal annotation in which many different kinds of information have to be encoded, have to elaborate precise and high level annotation schemes. Doing this requires first to define the structure of the information: the different objects and their organization. This stage has to be as(More)
In this paper a complete UWB Circular Tomographic System robust to high contrast or large objects, applied to Breast Tumor Detection, is presented. The main contribution of this paper is to focus on the implementation of a two degrees of freedom imaging setup in order to deal with non-symmetric objects and to demonstrate its functionality with realistic(More)
This paper investigates how and when interactional convergence is established by participants in conversation. We analyze sequences of storytelling using an original method that combines Conversation Analysis and a corpus-based approach. In storytelling, the participant in the position of "listener" is expected to produce either generic or specific(More)
This paper investigates the discursive phenomenon called other-repetitions (OR), particularly in the context of spontaneous French dialogues. It focuses on their automatic detection and characterization. A method is proposed to retrieve automatically OR: this detection is based on rules that are applied on the lexical material only. This automatic detection(More)
Microwave tomography is proposed for medical diagnosis using Magnitude Combined tomographic algorithm. A proof-of-concept experimental system was build and an in-homogeneous breast phantom with a tumor embedded was successfully reconstructed in less than 30 seconds per frequency. The motivation for this study is the future development of an imaging(More)
This study concerns the evolution of listeners' production during narratives in a French conversational corpus. Using the method of Conversational analysis in a first part of the study, we show that listeners use different discursive devices throughout the narrative. In a second part, we attempt to estimate this behavior in a systematic way by measuring the(More)
A 3D cylindrical microwave tomographic system for medical imaging applications has been proposed. The cylindrical sampling has been accomplished rotating a multiplexed column array for the transmitting and receiving ends with the aim to reduce the acquistion time. The array has been designed to obtain a broad bandwith in a compact size and a vertical(More)
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