Mathilde Delaval

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The lung epithelium constitutes the first barrier against invading pathogens and also a major surface potentially exposed to nanoparticles. In order to ensure and preserve lung epithelial barrier function, the alveolar compartment possesses local defence mechanisms that are able to control bacterial infection. For instance, alveolar macrophages are(More)
Seminal fluid allergy is a possible diagnosis in front vulvovaginal inflammations occurring rapidly after coitus. The type I reaction (revealed by the immediate hypersensitivity Prick-test) is most frequently encountered. In case of systemic symptoms, the circulating Ig E specific antibodies can be increased. Treatment is palliative (condoms, antihistamines(More)
Oxidative stress has increasingly been demonstrated as playing a key role in the biological response induced by nanoparticles (NPs). The acellular cytochrome c oxidation assay has been proposed to determine the intrinsic oxidant-generating capacity of NPs. Yet, there is a need to improve this method to allow a rapid screening to classify NPs in terms of(More)
Inhalation of therapeutic aerosols has a long tradition and is, moreover, regarded as a safe and efficient route of drug administration to the respiratory tract. Especially, the targeting opportunities of this approach are beneficial for the treatment of numerous airway diseases. However, the rapid decay of local drug concentration and the resulting(More)
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