Mathilde Cabral

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The purpose of the study was to determine Pb and Cd concentrations in humans and to assess the effect of co-exposure to these metals on biomarkers of oxidative stress and nephrotoxicity. Blood and urine levels of Pb and Cd, oxidative stress and urinary renal biomarkers were measured in 77 subjects neighboring a discharge and 52 in the control site. Exposed(More)
The water column from Dakar coast and Saint Louis estuary in Senegal, West Africa, was sampled in order to measure the contamination level by trace metals. The speciation of metals in water allowed performing a distribution between dissolved and particulate trace metals. For the dissolved metals, the metallic concentration and repartition between the(More)
In vitro penetration (IVP) of swine oocytes by homologous spermatozoa was evaluated in two experiments using four boars as semen donors. In experiment 1, the IVP rate and the number of penetrating spermatozoa (PSP) were compared using three co-incubation systems for vitrified oocytes and fresh sperm: (1) 35mL petri dishes in a CO(2) incubator, (2) 35mL(More)
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