Mathijs den Burger

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Many grid applications need to transfer large amounts of data between the geographically distributed sites of a grid environment. Network heterogeneity between these sites makes throughput optimization of data transfers to multiple sites (multicast) hard or even impossible. We present a technique called balanced multicasting that uses monitoring information(More)
In Grid environments, high-performance applications have to take into account the available network performance between the individual sites. Existing monitoring tools like the Network Weather Service (NWS) measure bandwidth and latency of end-to-end network paths. This information is necessary but not sufficient. With more than two participating sites,(More)
—Data-intensive parallel applications on clouds need to deploy large data sets from the cloud's storage facility to all compute nodes as fast as possible. Many multicast algorithms have been proposed for clusters and grid environments. The most common approach is to construct one or more spanning trees based on the network topology and network monitoring(More)
— Grid middleware needs to adapt to changing resources for a large variety of operations. Currently, information about Grid resources can be retrieved from various monitoring and information systems. However, the available information is rather low level and also dispersed across many individual sources. In this paper, we present the Delphoi service that(More)
Grid applications often need to distribute large amounts of data efficiently from one cluster to multiple others (multicast). Existing methods usually arrange nodes in optimized tree structures, based on external network monitoring data. This dependence on monitoring data, however, severely impacts both ease of deployment and adaptivity to dynamically(More)
The abundance of middleware to access grids and clouds and their often complex APIs hinders ease of programming and porta-bility. The Open Grid Forum (OGF) has therefore initiated the development and standardization of SAGA: a Simple API for Grid Applications. SAGA provides a simple yet powerful API with high-level constructs that abstract from the details(More)
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