Mathieu Wiepert

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A total of 10 SULT genes are presently known to be expressed in human tissues. We performed a comprehensive genome-wide search for novel SULT genes using two different but complementary approaches, and developed a novel graphical display to aid in the annotation of the hits. Seven novel human SULT genes were identified, five of which were predicted to be(More)
Thiopurine S-methyltransferase (TPMT) catalyses the S-methylation of thiopurine drugs. Genetic polymorphisms for TPMT are a major factor responsible for large individual variations in thiopurine toxicity and therapeutic effect. The present study investigated the functional effects of human TPMT variant alleles that alter the encoded amino acid sequence of(More)
Individualized medicine enables better diagnoses and treatment decisions for patients and promotes research in understanding the molecular underpinnings of disease. Linking individual patient's genomic and molecular information with their clinical phenotypes is crucial to these efforts. To address this need, the Center for Individualized Medicine at Mayo(More)
The Pharmacogenetics Research Network, which has the long-term goal of genotype-phenotype correlation related to pharmacotherapy, mandates timely electronic publication of results by participating research groups through submission to PharmGKB, the consortium's repository database. Because informatics expertise across groups varies, many groups need help in(More)
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