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Cybertrance Devices: Countercultures of the Cybernetic Man-Machine
Abstract:This article examines a collection of "cybertrance" devices, originating in the 1960s and 1970s. These devices are based on the reappropriation of instruments from the academic world inExpand
Information society before information society
The discourse on “the information society” developed until the 70’s as one of the prevailing discourse in our society; with promises to link information technology and free market with economicExpand
Norbert Wiener's politics and the history of cybernetics
Cybernetics is a by-product of the Second World War, a discipline that tries to unify different fields of research and different engineering cultures under the universal term of informationExpand
The body of video games: devices, positions, emotions
Raymond Bellour's analysis, in his 2009 book Le Corps du cinema: Hypnoses, emotions, animalites of those emotions specific to the film medium ventures into previously uncharted territory. HisExpand
“Where is Life?" Comitment and Micro-interactions in Videogames
This contribution presents a research work in progress based on the analysis of video recordings of people playing at videogames. The screen and the players are both recorded, and then the two videoExpand
The Role of the Philosophy of Technology in French-Language Studies of Video Games
This chapter analyzes the role played by the philosophies of technology in the development of French-language studies devoted to video games. This intellectual tradition is well represented withinExpand