Mathieu Thevenin

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Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Architectures (CGRAs) are promising high-performance and power-efficient platforms. However, their uses are still limited by the capability of mapping tools. This abstract paper outlines a new automated design flow to map applications on CGRAs. The interest of our method is shown through comparison with state of the art(More)
As application complexity increases, the design of efficient computing architectures able to cope with embedded constraints requires a fine algorithm analysis. This paper proposes an original approach based on Modular Assembly Simulator (MAsS) tool that allows Design Space Exploration (DSE) for programmable processors. The originality of the method resides(More)
— Today's smart phones, with their embedded high-resolution video sensors, require computing capacities that are too high to easily meet stringent silicon area and power consumption requirements (some one and a half square millimeters and half a watt) especially when programmable components are used. To develop such capacities, integrators still rely on(More)
This work deals with the on-line neutron flux mapping of the OPAL research reactor. A specific irradiation device has been set up to investigate fuel coolant channels using subminiature fission chambers to get thermal neutron flux profiles. Experimental results are compared to first neutronic calculations and show good agreement (C/E ~0.97).
Portal radiation monitors dedicated to the prevention of illegal traffic of nuclear materials at international borders need to deliver as fast as possible a radionuclide identification of a potential radiological threat. Spectrometry techniques applied to identify the radionuclides contributing to γ-emitter mixtures are usually performed using off-line(More)
This paper introduces a specific Multiple Program Multiple Data (MPMD) architecture designed to address the issues of nuclear instrumentation: pulse processing, real-time, multi-channel flexibility, dead-time management and programmability. The proposed architecture comprises a set of independent and programmable functional units. Their execution is driven(More)