Mathieu Rozé

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We outline the most recent technological advancements in the design, fabrication and characterization of polymer microstructured optical fibers (MOFs) for applications in the terahertz waveband. Focusing on specific experimental demonstrations, we show that polymer optical fibers provide a very flexible route towards THz wave guiding. Crucial incentives(More)
In this work we report two designs of subwavelength fibers packaged for practical terahertz wave guiding. We describe fabrication, modeling and characterization of microstructured polymer fibers featuring a subwavelength-size core suspended in the middle of a large porous outer cladding. This design allows convenient handling of the subwavelength fibers(More)
We report two novel fabrication techniques, as well as THz spectral transmission and propagation loss measurements of subwavelength plastic wires with highly porous (up to 86%) and non-porous transverse geometries. The two fabrication techniques we describe are based on the microstructured molding approach. In one technique the mold is made completely from(More)
ion in modern chemistry. Once again, the diversity of approaches is at the very heart of this part in order to figure out what is at stake in this debate and to explain why chemistry has an important part to play in it. The third type of perspectives envisages chemistry as a field of practices as well as a field of knowledge. This part can be partly related(More)
Transparent glass ceramics have been prepared in the Ga(2)S(3)-GeS(2)-CsCl pseudoternary system using appropriate heat treatment time and temperature. In situ X-ray diffraction at the heat treatment temperature and (133)Cs and (71)Ga solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance have been performed in function of annealing time to understand the crystallization(More)
Air conditioning compressors are important parts of electrical vehicles. Theses systems permit to cool down the batteries and assure the thermal comfort. In this paper a permanent magnet synchronous motor is proposed to drive such compressors. After analytical and numerical studies, the main features of the proposed structure are given.
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