Mathieu Renouf

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During the last decade Virtual Reality has benefited of numerous works dedicated to the modeling and the simulation of multibody systems. Even if a large set of methods are already used by the community of computer graphics and virtual reality, some progresses need still to be made to bridge the gap between accurate mechanical simulation and efficient(More)
Numerous works in Computational Mechanics are dedicated to the simulation of multi-body systems with contact and friction. The case of dense multi-contact assemblies is one of the more complex one: the problem have often a large number of unknowns and the non uniqueness of solutions is usual. Moreover this problem becomes harder when the Coulomb's friction(More)
Geophysical problems as forced-fold evolution and fault propagation induce large deformations and many localisation. The continuum mechanics does not seem the more appropriate for their description and it appears more interesting to represent the media as initially discontinuous. To face both phenomena, a non smooth Discrete Element Method is used.(More)
Tribologists are confronted on a daily basis by the need to understand the causes and consequences of friction on the behavior of bodies in contact. Understanding contact behaviour is not only a scientific curiosity but the key to solving numerous industrial issues. Numerical tools have been developed to overcome the problems encountered in experiments due(More)
In a mechanism, when a contact occurs between two bodies, the natural third-body is the generic name used to describe the material generated as a result of the contact interaction : It is different from the artificial third-body which can be introduced between bodies such as lubricant. With this concept, the wear phenomenon can be considered as the(More)
When dealing with complex mechanical systems that include sliding contact, it is necessary to account for the coupling between the dynamic behavior of the system and the local behavior at the contact. A particular consequence of interaction between system dynamics and contact behavior is the occurring of vibrational instabilities of the mechanical system,(More)
As the rheology of the third body does not only depend on its mechanical properties, classical discrete element simulations are not capable of model-ing its flows. Consequently to take into account the third body's mechanical , thermal and physicochemical properties, an extended discrete element approach is proposed and applied to the simulation of third(More)
Our hypothesis in this study was that in vitro disappearance of isoflavones from fecal or cecal contents of Golden Syrian hamsters paralleled the apparent absorption of these compounds, comparable with previous findings from in vitro human fecal incubations. Two studies were conducted to test this idea: one on in vitro fecal (study 1, n = 20/sex) and the(More)
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