Mathieu Rénier

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The assessment of viscoelastic properties of soft tissues is enjoying a growing interest in the field of medical imaging as pathologies are often correlated with a local change of stiffness. To date, advanced techniques in that field have been concentrating on the estimation of the second order elastic modulus (mu). In this paper, the nonlinear behavior of(More)
Numerical simulation of nonlinear acoustics and shock waves in a weakly heterogeneous and lossless medium is considered. The wave equation is formulated so as to separate homogeneous diffraction, heterogeneous effects, and nonlinearities. A numerical method called heterogeneous one-way approximation for resolution of diffraction (HOWARD) is developed, that(More)
Using a sensitive optical interferometer, the low frequency displacement nonlinearly generated by an ultrasonic tone burst propagating in a liquid is studied. Close to the source, the low frequency displacement contains a quasi-static component, which is affected by diffraction effects farther from the transducer. The experimental setup provides(More)
A numerical scheme is developed to simulate the propagation of weak acoustic shock waves in the atmosphere with no absorption. It generalizes the method previously developed for a heterogeneous medium [Dagrau, Rénier, Marchiano, and Coulouvrat, J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 130, 20-32 (2011)] to the case of a moving medium. It is based on an approximate scalar wave(More)
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