Mathieu Perrin

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Magnetic interactions at the origin of abnormal magnetic fabrics in lava flows: a case study from Kerguelen flood basalts. Abstract Anisotropy of low-field magnetic susceptibility (AMS) of basaltic lava flows can give some clues about post-emplacement tilting occurring in volcanic sequences. Such a study has been carried out on a sequence of 19 successive(More)
Medium resolution spectra of 3 stars have been used to determine the metallicity of the globular cluster Ruprecht 106. On the basis of a code developed by Cayrel et al. (1991), we computed a grid of synthetic spectra in order to derive the metallicity of these stars. We found an abundance of [F e/H] = −1.6 ± 0.25 which, although not formally at variance(More)
(In,Ga)As/GaP(001) quantum dots (QDs) are grown by molecular beam epitaxy and studied both theoretically and experimentally. The electronic band structure is simulated using a combination of k·p and tight-binding models. These calculations predict an indirect to direct crossover with the In content and the size of the QDs. The optical properties are then(More)
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