Mathieu Meyer

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Orbitals are invaluable in providing a model of bonding in molecules or between molecules and surfaces. Most present-day methods in computational chemistry begin by calculating the molecular orbitals of the system. To what extent have these mathematical objects analogues in the real world? To shed light on this intriguing question, we employ a photoemission(More)
Grünbaum introduced measures of symmetry for convex bodies that measure how far a given convex body is from a centrally symmetric one. Here, we introduce new measures of symmetry that measure how far a given convex body is from one with “enough symmetries”. To define these new measures of symmetry, we use affine covariant points. We give examples of convex(More)
We answer in the negative a question by Grünbaum who asked if there exists a finite basis of affine invariant points. We give a positive answer to another question by Grünbaum about the “size” of the set of all affine invariant points. Related, we show that the set of all convex bodies K, for which the set of affine invariant points is all of R, is dense in(More)
2014 18O+ ions with energies ranging from 10 to 45 keV have been implanted along the 110 > or 100 > directions of A1, Ni and Cu single crystals. The experimental techniques used to prepare the samples and to perform the implantations are described. The implantation profiles are determined with an ion probe microanalyser. They are characteristic of(More)
We elaborate on the use of shadow systems to prove a particular case of the conjectured lower bound of the volume product P(K) = minz∈int(K) |K|||K|, where K ⊂ R is a convex body and K = {y ∈ R : (y − z) · (x − z) 6 1 for all x ∈ K} is the polar body of K with respect to the center of polarity z. In particular, we show that if K ⊂ R is the convex hull of(More)
based on NEQ Model D. ROUZINEAU, M. MEYER, M. PREVOST, X. MEYER, J.M. RENEAUME Laboratoire de Génie Chimique, ENSIACET 118 Route de Narbonne, 31077 Toulouse Cedex 4, France e-mail : b Laboratoire de Thermique Energétique et Procédés, UPPA BP1155 64013 Pau, France Abstract Firstly, a non-equilibrium model (or NEQ model) has(More)
J Bonet, MI Galan, J Costa, R Thery, X Meyer, M Meyer, JM Reneaume Univ. de Barcelona, Dep. d’Enginyeria Quimica i Metallurgia, Marti i Franques 1, E-08028 Barcelona, Spain, E-mail: Laboratoire de Génie Chimique, UMR-CNRS 5503, INPT-ENSIACET, 5 rue Paulin Talabot, 31106 Toulouse Cedex 01, France, E-mail:,(More)