Mathieu Laliberté

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Fascia tissue is rich in collagen type I proteins and can be imaged by second harmonic generation (SHG) microscopy. While identifying the overall alignment of the collagen fibrils is evident from those images, the tridimensional structural origin for the observation of SHG signal is more complex than it apparently seems. Those images reveal that the(More)
We report the imaging of tendon with Interferometric Second Harmonic Generation microscopy. We observe that the noncentrosymmetric structural organization can be maintained along the fibrillar axis over more than 150 μm, while in the transverse direction it is ∼1-15 μm. Those results are explained by modeling tendon as a heterogeneous distribution of(More)
Herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV-1) is a neurotropic virus that causes skin lesions and goes on to enter a latent state in neurons of the trigeminal ganglia. Following stress, the virus may reactivate from latency leading to recurrent lesions. The in situ study of neuronal infections by HSV-1 is critical to understanding the mechanisms involved in the biology of(More)
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