Mathieu Hébert

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The effect of morphine on colonic motility was investigated by recording the colonic myoelectric spiking activity by means of a 50 cm long silastic tube equipped with 4 bipolar AgAgCl ring electrodes fixed at 10 cm intervals that was introduced into the left colon in 8 healthy subjects by flexible sigmoidoscopy. Tracings were obtained for 1 hour in the(More)
We propose a compositional model for predicting the reflectance and the transmittance of multilayer specimens composed of layers having possibly distinct refractive indices. The model relies on the laws of geometrical optics and on a description of the multiple reflection-transmission of light between the different layers and interfaces. The highly complex(More)
The classical definitions of color are well adapted to diffusing objects, whose color is almost independent of the viewing angle, and to very glossy object observed in the specular direction in respect to the light source. For glossy or iridescent objects, the color is difficult to characterize due to its dependence on the viewing direction. In order to(More)
Reliable color reproduction can be achieved by establishing, using a model, the correspondence between the spectral reflectance of the printed surface and the amounts of deposited inks. In this paper, we review the main models proposed in the literature, recall how each one is calibrated and compare their prediction accuracy for several print sets. The(More)
The present paper investigates the reflection and transmission properties of piles of nonscattering sheets. Using a spectral prediction model, we perform a detailed analysis of the spectral and color variations induced by variations of the number of superposed sheets, the absorbance of the sheet material, the refractive index of the medium between the(More)
We i nvestigate the optical phenomenon responsible for the colored shine that sometimes a ppears at the surface of ink layers i n t he s pecular direction, o ften ca lled bronzing or gloss di fferential. I t seems to co me from the w avelengthdependent refractive index of t he ink, which induces a wavelength-dependent reflectance of t he i nk-air interface.(More)
We propose a spectral prediction model for predicting the reflectance and transmittance of recto-verso halftone prints. A recto-verso halftone print is modeled as a diffusing substrate surrounded by two inked interfaces in contact with air (or with another medium). The interaction of light with the print comprises three components: (a) the attenuation of(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine some relationships between colonic myoelectric spiking activity and intraluminal propulsion when colonic peristalsis was stimulated by bisacodyl. Myoelectric recordings were obtained in 12 subjects by means of a 50 cm long Silastic tube equipped with four bipolar electrodes fixed at 10-cm intervals. The tube was(More)
We propose a model for predicting the reflectance and transmittance of multiple stacked nonscattering coloring layers that have different refractive indices. The model relies on the modeling of the reflectance and transmittance of a bounded coloring layer, i.e., a coloring layer and its two interfaces with neighboring media of different refractive indices.(More)