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Molecular determinants of threshold sensitivity of mammalian mechanoreceptors are unknown. Here, we identify a mechanosensitive (MS) K(+) current (IKmech) that governs mechanical threshold and adaptation of distinct populations of mechanoreceptors. Toxin profiling and transgenic mouse studies indicate that IKmech is carried by Kv1.1-Kv1.2 heteromers.(More)
BACKGROUND Rapid growth of the embryonic heart occurs by addition of progenitor cells of the second heart field to the poles of the elongating heart tube. Failure or perturbation of this process leads to congenital heart defects. In order to provide further insight into second heart field development we characterized the insertion site of a transgene(More)
TBX1, encoding a T-box containing transcription factor, is the major candidate gene for del22q11.2 or DiGeorge syndrome, characterized by craniofacial and cardiovascular defects including tetralogy of Fallot and common arterial trunk. Mice lacking Tbx1 have severe defects in the development of pharyngeal derivatives including cardiac progenitor cells of the(More)
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