Mathieu Couton

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Patient-specific biomechanical models implemented using specialized nonlinear (i.e., taking into account material and geometric nonlinearities) finite element procedures were applied to predict the deformation field within the brain for five cases of craniotomy-induced brain shift. The procedures utilize the Total Lagrangian formulation with explicit time(More)
Long computation times of non-linear (i.e. accounting for geometric and material non-linearity) biomechanical models have been regarded as one of the key factors preventing application of such models in predicting organ deformation for image-guided surgery. This contribution presents real-time patient-specific computation of the deformation field within the(More)
We contrast the genetic consequences of allopatric and sympatric divergence from the littoral spawning Arctic charr morph from Lake Fjellfrøsvatn. The littoral spawning Arctic charr has sympatrically diverged into a natural profundal adapted morph and via a recent (1930) translocation of about 40 adult Arctic charr established a new allopatric population in(More)
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