Mathieu Charvériat

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At present, there is no effective therapy for any of the neurodegenerative amyloidoses, despite renewed efforts to identify compounds active against the various implicated pathogenetic molecules. We have screened a library of 2960 natural and synthetic compounds in two cell lines chronically infected with mouse prions, and have identified eight new(More)
Glial cells, and in particular astrocytes, are crucial to maintain neuronal microenvironment by regulating energy metabolism, neurotransmitter uptake, gliotransmission, and synaptic development. Moreover, a typical feature of astrocytes is their high expression level of connexins, a family of membrane proteins that form gap junction channels allowing(More)
Connexins are transmembrane proteins involved in gap junction intercellular communication. They present cell- and tissue-specific expression, with own electric and metabolic coupling specificities. These proteins are involved in numerous physiological processes in the brain and among them neuronal synchronization and trafficking of glucose. Such proteins(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVES Modafinil is a non-amphetaminic wake-promoting compound used as therapy against sleepiness and narcolepsy. Its mode of action is complex, but modafinil has been recently proposed to act as a cellular-coupling enhancer in glial cells, through modulation of gap junctions constituted by connexins. The present study investigated in mice the(More)
Antidepressants, prescribed as first line treatment of neuropathic pain, have a limited efficacy and poorly tolerated side effects. Because recent studies pointed out the implication of astroglial connexins (Cx) in both neuropathic pain and antidepressive treatment, we investigated whether their blockade by mefloquine could modulate the action of the(More)
Astrocytes and neurons dynamically interact during physiological processes, and it is now widely accepted that they are both organized in plastic and tightly regulated networks. Astrocytes are connected through connexin-based gap junction channels, with brain region specificities, and those networks modulate neuronal activities, such as those involved in(More)
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