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Philippe Caix, MD, PhD Mathieu Laurentjoye, MD Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Centre Hospitalio-Universitaire Bordeaux, France Department of Anatomy Université de Bordeaux Bordeaux, France Sir: T anterior facial veins ensure the venous drainage of the face and have been used as main venous pedicles for facial transplantations. The facial vein(More)
The anatomical variations of arterial axes of the upper limb are not uncommon and must be known to allow for safe surgical procedures and in order to limit the morbidity of these procedures. The superficial ulnar artery represents, after the variations in origin of the radial artery, the second most frequent variation in this area. When present,(More)
INTRODUCTION Extended facial tissue defects are difficult to reconstruct because of the anatomical and functional complexity of the area. Recently, composite facial allotransplantation was used for reconstruction. This could be performed because of specific facial blood supply and its facial and maxillary anastomoses. Could a composite naso-labio-mental(More)
unknown, but both structures arise from the first pharyngeal arch. The question mark ear is thought to be a diagnostic trait for auriculocondylar syndrome, described in 1978 in a mother and two sons with bilateral external ear malformations and mandibular hypoplasia.5 Condylar hypoplasia, temporomandibular joint abnormalities, microstomia, stenotic ear(More)
INTRODUCTION We evaluated the indication of orthoptic evaluation for the management of orbital floor fractures in a prospective series. MATERIAL AND METHOD Forty-seven patients presenting with an orbital floor fracture were included in our prospective study. Consultations in orthoptics and maxillo-facial surgery were regularly carried out. Diplopia and(More)
OBJECTIVES The main objective of this study is to determine the necessary surgical margins to obtain a complete R0 resection for head and neck dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans (DFSP) using Slow-Mohs micrographic surgery. The secondary objective is to study the recurrence rate of these tumors. PATIENTS AND METHODS Slow-Mohs micrographic surgery was used for(More)
A clinical case is presented of a 70-year-old woman suffering from a right hemilingual epidermoid carcinoma. A step-by-step video description of the regional infrahyoid island flap is presented and narrated. Long-term results at 2 months in terms of aesthetics and function at the recipient and donor sites are excellent. CLINICAL QUESTION/LEVEL OF EVIDENCE(More)
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