Mathieu Beaudoin

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—The way music is interpreted by the human brain is a very interesting topic, but also an intricate one. Although this domain has been studied for over a century, many gray areas remain in the understanding of music. Recent advances have enabled us to perform accurate measurements of the time taken by the human brain to interpret and assimilate a sound.(More)
OBJECTIVE Antimicrobial stewardship programs have been shown to limit the inappropriate use of antimicrobials. Hospitals are increasingly relying on clinical decision support systems to assist in the demanding prescription reviewing process. In previous work, we have reported on an emerging clinical decision support system for antimicrobial stewardship that(More)
Inappropriate prescribing of antimicrobials is a major clinical and health concern, as well as a financial burden, in hospitals worldwide. In this paper, we describe a deployed automated antimicrobial prescription surveillance system that has been assisting hospital pharmacists in identifying and reporting inappropriate antimicrobial prescriptions. One of(More)
We present a planner for the Combat Power Management (CPM) problem. In response to multiple simultaneous or sequential threats, the planner generates a set of local plans, one for each target considered apart, and then merges them by searching the space of global plans. The proposed plan merging solution serves also as an iterative plan repair process that(More)
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