Mathieu Assal

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We hypothesized an association between foot type, foot deformity, and foot ulceration and conducted an analysis of a well-characterized, high-risk diabetic population of 398 subjects. The average age was 62 years of age and 74% of the study population were males. Foot-type distributions were 19.5% pes cavus (high arch), 51.5% neutrally aligned (normal(More)
To achieve more objective and repeatable measurements of equinus contracture, we developed the equinometer, a device that allows the measurement of ankle range of motion under controlled torque conditions. This study assessed its accuracy across different subjects and examiners. Two examiners used the equinometer to measure the angle of ankle dorsiflexion(More)
The anterior approaches that have been described for open reduction internal fixation of multifragmentary pilon fractures are designed to reconstruct the comminuted and impacted anterior articular surface onto a stable posterior column. Thus, reduction of the posterior column, particularly proper length, is critical. There are differing opinions of how best(More)
Following a Lisfranc joint injury, stable fixation of the tarsometatarsal joints is crucial to avoid deformity and posttraumatic osteoarthritis, but the ideal method of fixation remains controversial. Kirschner wire (K-wire) fixation of all involved joints with cast immobilization resulted in loss of position, and was replaced by open reduction with(More)
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