Mathias T⊘mmer

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An 11 element crossed bowtie array antenna has been developed for use in Digital Video Broadcasting-Television (DVB-T) based passive radar. Simulation results of the array show a gain of 6 dB and measurements in anechoic chamber show more than 20 dB cross-polarized isolation. Co- and cross-polarized passive radar measurements of a Cessna 172 aircraft have(More)
Microwave imaging is a promising technique for non-invasive imaging of brain activity. A multistatic array of body coupled antennas and single chip pulsed ultra-wideband radars should be capable of detecting local changes in cerebral blood volume, a known indicator for neural activity. As an initial verification that small changes in the cerebrovascular(More)
This paper presents a bi-static, SAR radar instrument optimized for long-term, remote snow-pack monitoring in polar areas. Power-efficiency is critical not only for sustained operation, but also for measurement interference due to snow melt. The paper carefully analyzes required power usage and present our first prototype system used for empirical(More)
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