Mathias Schraps

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Two methods were investigated for their efficiency in isolating and purifying chlamydospores of Candida albicans. Chlamydospores were disconnected from pseudomycelial cells either enzymatically using beta-glucuronidase or mechanically by ultrasonic treatment. Free chlamydospores were separated from other cell material by sucrose gradient centrifugation. The(More)
Bedingt durch die steigende Komplexität von Fahrzeugfunktionen und deren Entwicklungsprozessen werden viele verschiedene Stakeholder mit Informationen und Entscheidungen konfrontiert. Anforderungsspezifikationen stellen im Bereich des Requirements Engineering eine Kommunikationsbasis dar, auf dessen Grundlage ein gemeinsames Systemverständnis entwickelt(More)
In this paper we present a novel approach to semi-automatically learn concept hierarchies from natural language requirements of the automotive industry. The approach is based on the distributional hypothesis and the special characteristics of domain-specific German compounds. We extract taxonomies by using clustering techniques in combination with general(More)
The elicitation and formalization of natural language requirements are still a challenge of Requirements Engineering. The characteristics of such requirements are manifold: they need to be understandable to each of the stakeholders and they should be processable by computers, for example, to analyze or to trace requirements across many steps during the(More)
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