Mathias Schmalisch

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In this paper we present an arithmetic logic unit (ALU) for elliptic curve cryptosystems over GF(2). The novelty of these ALU is the inclusion of a hardware inversion operation, which is as fast as a multiplication. So we can use faster algorithms for the computation of k·P. Although we use a serial multiplication and inversion, we achieve a faster(More)
Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) is a de facto worldwide standard for wired digital telephony. Since ISDN was developed in 1984 as a public network it does not support modern sophisticated fraud detection systems. Indeed most current installations of ISDN are incapable of supporting encrypted transmission. Securing user information is therefore(More)
For elliptic curve cryptosystems does exist many algorithms, that computes the scalar multiplication k·P. Some are better for a software solution and others are better for a hardware solution. In this paper we compare algorithms without precomputation for the scalar multiplication on elliptic curves over a finite field of GF(2). At the end we show which(More)
Kurzfassung: In diesem Beitrag wird eine umfassende Bibliothek mit arithmetischen und kryptographischen Funktionen vorgestellt. Diese Bibliothek wurde in VHDL entwickelt und unterstützt sowohl Langzahlarithmetik als auch Multiple Precision Arithmetic (MPA). Dadurch eignet sich die Bibliothek insbesondere zur simulatorunabhängigen Simulation und Verifikation(More)
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