Mathias Schenner

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The evidential (reportative) uses of the German modals sollen 'should' and wollen 'want' are typically given a purely modal analysis that yields correct predictions for unembedded cases, but fails to account for many embedded occurrences. Based on a corpus and a questionnaire study it is argued that these modals can receive three distinct kinds of(More)
We investigate the semantic effects of focus in complement clauses of various kinds of complement-taking predicates and argue that the empirically attested readings are predicted by the interplay of two principles: (i) embedded focus locally triggers the presupposition that the existential closure of the background is true, (ii) embedding predicates differ(More)
We present texigt, a command-line tool for the extraction of structured linguistic data from LTEX source documents, and a language resource that has been generated using this tool: a corpus of interlinear glossed text (IGT) extracted from open access books published by Language Science Press. Extracted examples are represented in a simple XML format that is(More)
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