Mathias Santos de Brito

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Starting with the invention of the steam engine in the 18th century, the industrial revolutions formed an ecosystem of over 20 billion connected devices with unforeseeable influence to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Predictions are that, by 2020 the connectable assets will generate about 44 ZB of data, which pose interesting challenges related to(More)
Grid computing is becoming more and more popular nowadays, but it does not mean that it is becoming easy to use, deploy and program. OGSA-DAI is a middleware capable of exposing and managing databases on the grid. In this work we present an extension to the OGSA-DAI grid middleware, this extension is an implementation of the Sun JDBC interface, used to(More)
The Cloud Computing paradigm promoted the outsourcing of IT infrastructure and enterprise applications paving the way to save costs of building and maintaining computing infrastructures on-premise. In this environment, scale up of applications to attend demands in high peaks become easier and highly automated. Virtualization was a key technology to enable(More)
The development of Fog Computing technology is crucial to address the challenges to come with the mass adoption of Internet Of Things technology, where the generation of data tends to grow at an unprecedented pace. The technology brings computing power to the surrounds of devices, to offer local processing, filtering, storage and analysis of data and(More)
In recent years, Grid Computing has become a key technologyin resource integration and sharing, thus improvingscientific collaboration among different institutions. Whilesome applications need access databases spread across theparticipants of the grid, OGSA-DAI is middleware that enablesdatabase integration and sharing from different vendors.By using(More)
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