Mathias Peter

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Parameterized models of biophysical and mechanical cell properties are important for predictive mathematical modeling of cellular processes. The concepts of turgor, cell wall elasticity, osmotically active volume, and intracellular osmolarity have been investigated for decades, but a consistent rigorous parameterization of these concepts is lacking. Here,(More)
Amphotericin B is an antimycotic agent extracted and isolated from a soil streptomycete and is currently in clinical use against chronic fungal infections. An enormous amount of data on the biological activity of this polyketide has been accumulated, which underlines the potency and effectiveness of the medicament, as well as its importance in membrane(More)
Anchors aweigh! The synthesis of tryptophan-amphotericin B conjugates (see figure) is described. The membrane-anchoring effect of tryptophane was thus combined with the pore-formation effect of amphotericin B leading to high channel activity in sterol-free liposomes.
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