Mathias Nowottnick

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Voids in solder joints are representing one of the main problems especially for power electronics. A low and homogeneous thermal resistance of solder joints is demanded for a quick and uniform conduction of the heat loss from the power chip. The same applies for the electrical conductivity of solder joints. Enclosed voids can cause a displacement of(More)
A common method to derive both qualitative and quantitative data to evaluate osseointegration of implants is histomorphometry. The present study describes a new image reconstruction algorithm comparing the results of bone-to-implant contact (BIC) evaluated by means of µCT with histomorphometry data. Custom-made conical titanium alloyed (Ti6Al4V) implants(More)
As a theoretical prediction the simulations of protection of PCB structures in microwave process are successful. Unless the structure with all wires crosses the polarization, the antenna effect will stand over the dielectric. Conductive shields can be used locally or totally. By increasing the imaginary part of the permitivity of the coating, the dielectric(More)
The Application of a microwave supported curing process for coatings in the field of electronic industry poses a challenge. Here the implementation of this technology is represented. Within the scope of the investigation special PCB Test Layouts were designed and the polymer curing process examined by the method of dielectric analysis. Furthermore the(More)
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