Mathias Norqvist

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The correlation between climatic parameters with one another in fattening units and the influence of environmental factors on lung lesions registered at slaughter were studied in 6 integrated herds with continuous production systems. In addition, the influence of environmental parameters on the spread of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae and Actinobacillus(More)
A dominant mathematics teaching method is to present a solution method and let pupils repeatedly practice it. An alternative method is to let pupils create a solution method themselves. The current study compared these two approaches in terms of lasting effects on performance and brain activity. Seventythree participants practiced mathematics according to(More)
The effect of a consistent programme for oestrus control and oestrus induction has been investigated in some herds with oestrous problems already participating in the efficiency control programme (RASP). Forming part of the project was a clinical trial of a PMSG/HCG preparation (SUIGONAN VET.) to be applied in cases where natural stimulation of sows did not(More)
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