Mathias Lidberg

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Leukaemia is one of the most prominent late effects of exposure to ionising radiation. We have studied the incidence of leukaemia among 46,988 Swedish patients exposed to iodine-131 (131I) for diagnostic reasons or to treat hyperthyroidism or thyroid cancer. The observed number of leukaemias was compared with that expected based on incidence data from the(More)
The optimal manoeuvering of a vehicle during a collision avoidance manoeuvre is investigated. A simple model where the vehicle is modelled as point mass and the mathematical formulation of the optimal manoeuvre are presented. The resulting two-point boundary problem is solved by an adaptive finite element method and the theory behind this method is(More)
The decreasing cost of sensory technologies including camera and radar has facilitated the outspread of advanced driver assistance (ADAS) systems into modern vehicles. ADAS systems can operate beyond the scope of stability control, by employing autonomous intervention in both longitudinal and lateral direction. Adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping aid(More)
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