Mathias Kanzler

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We propose a new approach for analyzing the temporal growth of the uncertainty in ensembles of weather forecasts which are started from perturbed but similar initial conditions. As an alternative to traditional approaches in meteorology, which use juxtaposition and animation of spaghetti plots of iso-contours, we make use of contour clustering and provide(More)
For an ensemble of iso-contours in multi-dimensional scalar fields, we present new methods to a) visualize their dominant spatial patterns of variability, and b) to compute the conditional probability of the occurrence of a contour at one location given the occurrence at some other location. We first show how to derive a statistical model describing the(More)
For the visualization of dense sets of 3D lines, view-dependent approaches have been proposed to avoid the occlusion of important structures. Popular concepts consider global line selection based on line importance and screen-space occupancy, and opacity optimization to resolve locally the occlusion problem. In this work, we present a novel approach to(More)
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