Mathias Kühn

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Creating mobile applications is a process of device-specific programming. In this way new devices ask for new solutions. Additionally, experts with programming skills are necessary. There is an urgent need for more efficient approaches. Abstract specifications for domain-specific areas in combination with tool support for end-user development seem to be a(More)
Model-based software development is based on the idea that experts can express their knowledge by domain-specific models. Domain-specific languages (DSLs) [2,16] allow the representation of knowledge in textual human-readable form. Approaches grounded on DSLs could be used for data collection applications. In some cases it is necessary to ground decisions(More)
The paper investigates model-based design (MBD) ideas for supporting end-user developers in creating mobile data collection tools. End-user developers cannot assumed to be able (or willing) to specify formal task models as they are common in MBD approaches. They use their knowledge about domain objects and general task characteristics to specify constraints(More)
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