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It has been hypothesized that the immune system plays a pathogenetic role in psychiatric disorders, in particular in major depression and schizophrenia. This hypothesis is supported by a number of reports on altered circulating levels and in vitro production of cytokines in these disorders. However, the respective evidence is not consistent. This may be in(More)
Ca(2+)-activated K(+) (K(Ca)) channels control endothelial Ca(2+) homeostasis and the formation of vasodilators. After angioplasty, dysfunction of the regenerated endothelium leads to abnormal vasoregulation. In this study, we tested the expression and function of K(Ca) channels in regenerated endothelium at 6 weeks after balloon catheter injury of rat(More)
OBJECTIVE Leptin is produced by fat cells and is presumed to signal the size of the adipose tissue to the brain. The authors investigated whether antipsychotic drugs that often induce weight gain affect circulating levels of leptin. METHOD Weight, body mass index, and leptin plasma level were measured weekly over 4 weeks in psychiatric inpatients who(More)
Topical application of capsaicin has been tested recently for treatment of painful peripheral neuropathy. In the present study, effects of capsaicin were explored on compound action potentials of isolated fascicles from human sural nerve biopsies. Capsaicin reduced the C fibre component by 30-60%; the remaining C fibres were not sensitive to the drug. A(More)
Clozapine is known to induce epileptic seizures and changes in EEG-patterns, including slowing and the appearance of epileptiform activity. Olanzapine, a new antipsychotic drug, shares many pharmacological and clinical properties with clozapine. However, in patients treated with olanzapine, no case of seizure induction has been reported so far, and the EEG(More)
Leptin, tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha), and soluble TNF receptors are involved in weight regulation. Antipsychotic agents, such as clozapine, induce weight gain and increase circulating levels of these cytokines. To assess whether obesity-inducing antidepressants have a similar effect, we measured plasma cytokine levels in depressive inpatients(More)
PURPOSE In recent years, numerous studies have investigated the involvement of immunological mechanisms in glaucoma. Until now, it has not been determined whether the altered antibody pattern detected in patients is harmful to retinal ganglion cells (RGCs) or triggers disease formation in any way. In a model of experimental autoimmune glaucoma, RGC loss can(More)
Creating mobile applications is a process of device-specific programming. In this way new devices ask for new solutions. Additionally, experts with programming skills are necessary. There is an urgent need for more efficient approaches. Abstract specifications for domain-specific areas in combination with tool support for end-user development seem to be a(More)
Model-based software development is based on the idea that experts can express their knowledge by domain-specific models. Domain-specific languages (DSLs) [2,16] allow the representation of knowledge in textual human-readable form. Approaches grounded on DSLs could be used for data collection applications. In some cases it is necessary to ground decisions(More)