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A variational approach to an electromagnetic inverse problem
We present a variational approach to the inverse problem of electromagnetic imaging of determining the coefficients μr and r in the Maxwell system, from near field data, measured on the boundary of aExpand
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Unique identifiability of the common support of coefficients of a second order anisotropic elliptic system by the Dirichlet-Neumann map
We consider the system of second order elliptic equations -Σk∇ (Ei,k ∇uk)+ Pi,kuk=0, 1 ≤ i ≤ n in a bounded simply-connected domain B. Using a factorisation method ansatz, we show that the differenceExpand
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Parameter identification for Maxwell's equations
In this work we present a variational algorithm to determine the parameters iir(x) and er(x) in the Maxwell system VxE + k xTH = 0, V x H - kerE = 0 in a body Q from boundary measurements ofExpand
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Classical and weak solutions for semilinear parabolic equations with Preisach hysteresis
We consider the solvability of the semilinear parabolic differential equation \[\frac{\partial u}{\partial t}(x,t)- \Delta u(x,t) + c(x,t)u(x,t) = \mathcal{P}(u) + \gamma (x,t)\] in a cylinderExpand
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