Mathias Hübner

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For a gleaning bat hunting prey from the ground, rustling sounds generated by prey movements are essential to invoke a hunting behaviour. The detection of prey-generated rustling sounds may depend heavily on the time structure of the prey-generated and the masking sounds due to their spectral similarity. Here, we systematically investigate the effect of(More)
The nonlinear optical response of semiconductor microcavities in the nonpertubative regime is studied in resonant single-beam-transmission and pump-probe experiments. In both cases a pronounced third transmission peak lying spectrally between the two normal modes is observed. A fully quantized theory is essential for the agreement with the experimental(More)
In vision, colour constancy allows the evaluation of the colour of objects independent of the spectral composition of a light source. In the auditory system, comparable mechanisms have been described that allows the evaluation of the spectral shape of sounds independent of the spectral composition of ambient background sounds. For echolocating bats, the(More)
A compact and transportable three channel quantum cascade laser system (TRIPLE Q) based on mid-infrared absorption spectroscopy has been developed for time-resolved plasma diagnostics. The TRIPLE Q spectrometer encompasses three independently controlled quantum cascade lasers (QCLs), which can be used for chemical sensing, particularly for gas phase(More)
Rotationally resolved spectra of the fundamental band of the CN free radical in four isotopic forms have been measured using tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy. The source of the radical was a microwave discharge in a mixture of isotopically selected methane and nitrogen diluted with argon. The lines were measured to an accuracy of 5 x 10(-4)(More)
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