Mathias Gottschlag

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Over the last few years, running high performance computing applications in the cloud has become feasible. At the same time, GPGPUs are delivering unprecedented performance for HPC applications. Cloud providers thus face the challenge to integrate GPGPUs into their virtualized platforms, which has proven difficult for current virtualization stacks. In this(More)
Over the last few years, Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) have become popular in computing, and have found their way into a number of cloud platforms. However, integrating a GPU into a cloud environment requires the cloud provider to efficiently virtualize the GPU. While several research projects have addressed this challenge in the past, few of these(More)
When an OS allocates memory to a process, it implicitly performs long-term scheduling on DRAM resources such as channels and banks: Each mapped page frame allows memory operations to send requests to the channels and DRAM banks which are backing that page frame. The OS should be able to choose between sharing or dedicating resources dynamically -- yet it(More)
CPU performance is increasingly limited by thermal dissipation, and soon aggressive power management will be beneficial for performance. Especially, temporarily idle parts of the chip (including the caches) should be powergated in order to reduce leakage power. Current CPUs already lose their cache state whenever the CPU is idle for extended periods of(More)
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