Mathias Ekpu

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Microelectronics failure during operation is commonly attributed to ineffective heat management within the system. Hence, reliability of such devices becomes a challenge area. The use of lead-free solders as thermal interface materials to improve the heat conduction between a chip level device and a heat sink is becoming popular due to their promising(More)
Chip scale package (CSP) technology offers promising solutions to package power device due to its relatively good thermal performance among other factors. Solder thermal interface materials (STIMs) are often employed at the die bond layer of a chip-scale packaged power device to enhance heat transfer from the chip to the heat spreader. Nonetheless, the(More)
Thermal contact constriction between a chip and a heat sink assembly of a microelectronic application is investigated in order to access the thermal performance. The finite element model (FEM) of the electronic device developed using ANSYS software was analysed while the micro-contact and micro-gap thermal resistances were numerically analysed by the use of(More)
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