Mathias Eggert

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Recently, several approaches have been developed to check process models for compliance with laws and regulations. In this paper a contribution is made with respect to reducing the complexity of compliance checking by partially automating business process compliance (BPC) checking. We present a model checking approach that is able to check process models(More)
Large communities built around social media on the Internet offer an opportunity to augment analytical customer relationship management (CRM) strategies. The purpose of this paper is to provide direction to advance the conceptual design of business intelligence (BI) systems for implementing CRM strategies. After introducing social CRM and social BI as(More)
Information Systems (IS) and law have a mutual influence on each other. On the one hand, IS artifacts (e.g., e-government IS) exist or need to be implemented that are highly regulated and sometimes come along with a need for changing the law. On the other hand, law strongly affects (and usually restricts) IS potentialities. Based on a systematic literature(More)
Financial service providers cope with an increasing amount of regulatory requirements causing a need to change IS systems, especially data warehouses and reporting applications. As there is no clear insight into the influence of regulation on the data warehouse (DWH) engineering process, a case study from the financial industry are conducted. Therefore, our(More)